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Feedback from Performance Work

Another actor would have done very successfully with just monologue but Stevie’s dance background enriches the experience and plays on the audience’s senses much more. He directly engages with the audience, teases them “oh no, not audience participation” but it is so gentle that when individuals did participate, everyone was full of smiles and laughter and relief – that they weren’t being set up. The character of the boy is beautifully drawn in what seems like a simple performance style, but further analysis demonstrates careful crafting of the piece. The audience was charmed. A lovely way to leave a theatre.

Carol Moore : Creative Learning Coordinator : The Lyric Theatre

The piece connected with the audience, young and old and had us all laughing and, in the end, up dancing too. Stevie Prickett’s choreographic and performance skills were visible in abundance.

Mags Byrne - Artistic Director : Dance United

Performance Work

2015 Performer The Dutiful Wife OfftheRails Dance

2013 Performer MuMo Assault Events

2012 Performer Bliss Replay Theatre Company

2012 Performer The Giant is coming Assault Events/Young at Art

2011 Performer Guidelines Tinderbox Theatre Company

2011/3 Performer Wobble Assault Events/Replay Theatre Co.

2011 Performer/Director Tales from a Lancashire Lad Tricky Disco

2010 Dancer Best Maiden Voyage

2008/9 Dancer Alibi Assault Events

2008 Dancer Liaison Assault Events

2006 Dancer The Fairy’s Tale Assault Events

2005 Performer One Man Show Arts NK

2003 Dancer Shall We Dance Assault Events

2000/1 Dancer Crave Assault Events

1996/7 Dancer Gravacuitism Scottish Dance Theatre