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Feedback on Choreographic Work

An extraordinary quietly revolutionary genre-exploding piece of work - a beautifully poignant solo performance that must find a wider future audience.

Anna Newell – Artistic Director : Replay Theatre Company

I recently had the privilege of working with Assault Events on a project with Transported, a Creative People & Places Project in South Lincolnshire. The project centered around the company being resident at a small family owned seed business in Spalding and working with the staff there (for most of whom this was a completely new experience) to create a site specific piece of contemporary dance with a specially created soundtrack that reflected the history of the business but also the people who work there now. This was a hugely ambitious project but was a huge success due to the passion, professionalism and 'unflapability' of Assault Events.

Simon Hollingsworth, Creative Director, Lincoln Drill Hall & Freelance Arts Manager

Choreographic Work

2015 Choreographer Reassembled, Slighty Askew Shannon Yee

2014 Choreographer Wiggle Giggle Replay Theatre Company

2014 Artistic Director Elsoms Transported Art

2012 Choreographer MuMo Assault Events

2012 Movement Director Marianne Dreams Replay Theatre Company

2011 Choreographer Not Now, Later! Maiden Voyage

2011 Choreographer The School Underneath Replay Theatre Company

2011 Artistic Director Tales from a Lancashire Lad TrickyDisco

2010 Choreographer Perfect Queens University Belfast

2009 Movement Director Sleep, Eat, Party Tinderbox Theatre Company

2009 Assistant Director We are Not Afraid Curious Doings

2009 Choreographer How Tom Beat Captain Curious Doings


2009 Choreographer Be My Baby The Lyric Theatre

2009 Director Waiting at the Edge of Queens University Belfast


2008 Director Cool, smooth, curious Queens University Belfast

2008 Choreographer Stones in his Pockets Aisling Ghear

2007 Choreographer Duke of Hope Tinderbox Theatre Company

2007 Choreographer The Road Not Taken Queens University Belfast

2006 Choreographer How To Disappear Queens University Belfast

1999 Choreographer Still Cries at a Good Film Scottish Dance Theatre

1999 Choreographer Mill Lavvies Dundee Rep Theatre Company

1998 Choreographer The Jungle Book Dundee Rep Theatre Company

1997 Choreographer The Rise and Fall of Little Dundee Rep Theatre Company


1996 Choreographer Gravacuitism Scottish Dance Theatre